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We are very glad you stopped by our website. We are currently under web construction. However, we do have plenty of information available, and we encourage you to check us out! If you have any additional questions, our contact page is fully functional. Please contact us via the message board and we will get back to you with answers as soon as possible. 

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Our team at Fishel Chiropractic is deepy concerned about the overall health of the community that we serve.  Our passion is to help those around us live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Events and Days to Remember

Different things happening nationally and around our community that caught our interest. We thought it would yours too!


April 6

Lunges and LaborĀ·ade

Come join Dr. Danielle, chiropractor, and Joselyn Miller, BirthFit and CrossFit Coach, to discuss the "Do's and Don'ts" of pregnancy and postnatal exercise. Come to this free event ready to learn, sip some laborĀ·ade, and move! 10-11am!


April 25

Wine and Wellness

Come to the office to meet Dr. Danielle, enjoy some wine and snacks, and learn about Fishel Chiropractic and the care its doctors have to offer. 5-7pm!


April 28

MomPowerment Expo

Dr. Danielle is a sponsor and a lead speaker at this event. ! Free child care, snacks, beverages, and awesome vendors. 8001 Dale Ave. St. Louis, MO 63117 from 1-4pm!